In this year-long program, 11 months are spent in a full time apprenticeship and the other 1 month is spent in 4 week-long intensive learning bootcamps that takes place quarterly in 4 different East African countries [Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Uganda]. In addition to the 11 months of professional and regional exposure acquired throughout the year plus coaching, constructive feedback and online learning from global universities, Fellows exit the academy with experience, self-awareness, mastery of key skills and SWOT-focused feedback report for career planning and personal growth. In a nutshell, we deliver them to the job market with a high degree of personal growth and a combination of skills, critical thinking, edication, values and virtue that pushes them to pursue what we call “restless excellence” in their careers, workplace and/or entrepreneurial ventures. For more information on the main benefits of joining the Ajira Experience, click here